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The Ideal Client...

Shannon Boyer

So as a photographer, I definitely dream of that perfect wedding or couple, that has in mind exactly what I've day dreamed about for months for their wedding and pulls out all the stops. The wedding with overflowing greenery and florals, the perfect tree line to line the ceremony edge, the perfect balance between textures used throughout, with the perfectly mismatched bridesmaids, with groomsmen leading them down the aisle in perfectly coordinated menswear. 

But alas, that is what is called in the business as a styled shoot, because the vendors are able to prep and prime every detail. And while this is something that we love to do, what really matters to me and my creative eye is real people, with real details during their completely imperfect perfect wedding day.

I've read a lot lately about vendors and their ideal clients. This of course got me day dreaming even more than I already do about what would be my perfect wedding if I could plan every detail and moment.  Then amongst the dreaming I realized that every client is someone's ideal client. 

I also realized that this 'ideal client' isn't a necessity but something that we as wedding vendors can, no need, work together with our clients so that we create their most memorable day. 

Now saying that doesn't mean that every couple should book a vendor just because someone said such and such, without finding out if they're a good fit for them. Part of creating a memorable and amazing day for the couple is to know that each wedding vendor is a great match for the couple and can really pull through what the client is envisioning.  With that said, I am becoming a strong believer in the fact that it is my job, as a wedding photographer, to not only provide images that capture their wedding day, but to also work with the client to find out what that means to them and how I can work with them to capture everything they've dreamed of for their big day. 

This may mean me stepping out of my comfort zone, or working on a wedding that isn't in my ideal client 'range', but it does allow me to work with incredible couples and to provide captivating images of their love and family and friends on their wedding day. 


So I'm asking wedding vendors, keep a focused look on the style and work that you want to create, but don't rule out what could be an incredible journey with a new client who has plans that make you step out of that comfort zone, or idea of the ideal or perfect client. 

And to all of those lovely couples out there researching their possible wedding vendors, let us know what you're thinking, we'll be striving to create that new and incredible detail and event for you!

My Word of 2016

Shannon Boyer

So lately around the creative world, and I'm guessing around the rest of it as well, has been an idea of using a word to describe what you expect, plan, and hope 2016 turns out to be for you.

I originally ran into this idea from Natalie Frank, of Natalie Frank Photography, through the incredible creative community called The Rising Tide.  She had a wonderful, and obviously inspiring blog post about how she found her word of 2016, which really got me thinking. 

This year, this incredulous year of 2016, I plan to rebrand, refurbish, and certainly re-sort my wedding and engagement photography. I have some pretty huge and major game changing plans, but another post for those.  I also intend to be more present in my personal and home life, to be there as much as I can for not only my clients, but my family and friends as well. To look into how I can better myself as a person, that's a long list, and also better my budding business.

When I look into what I've planned for 2016, it seems to be quite a daunting, as well as common goal, but I have also found a difference in what needs to happen this year for these things to become to real. Leading me to my word of 2016..


I've always been a planner, but the follow through is where I fall short. This year, I'm using newly found focus to help me make my dreams, personal and business, come true. 

Focusing on what I can deliver for my clients. I've always strived to provide high quality images and products, but this next year I want to push that envelope so far that it bursts open! 

So while I'm sitting here in this coffee shop pondering all the ways that I can improve this year, I'm realizing that to make any of it happen I need to focus. Focus on the needs of my clients, my family, my friends, rather than the wants of myself. Because in the end, more time with my family, strengthened relationships with my friends, and a thriving business are my wants. 

I now challenge you to think of a word for your 2016. Resolutions or no resolutions, I believe that choosing an idea, thought, phrase or just a single word can completely change how you view your goals and help you pursue them with a vengeance. 

Wishing you all an incredible 2016, 

and 2017, 2018, and on.