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My Word of 2016




My Word of 2016

Shannon Boyer

So lately around the creative world, and I'm guessing around the rest of it as well, has been an idea of using a word to describe what you expect, plan, and hope 2016 turns out to be for you.

I originally ran into this idea from Natalie Frank, of Natalie Frank Photography, through the incredible creative community called The Rising Tide.  She had a wonderful, and obviously inspiring blog post about how she found her word of 2016, which really got me thinking. 

This year, this incredulous year of 2016, I plan to rebrand, refurbish, and certainly re-sort my wedding and engagement photography. I have some pretty huge and major game changing plans, but another post for those.  I also intend to be more present in my personal and home life, to be there as much as I can for not only my clients, but my family and friends as well. To look into how I can better myself as a person, that's a long list, and also better my budding business.

When I look into what I've planned for 2016, it seems to be quite a daunting, as well as common goal, but I have also found a difference in what needs to happen this year for these things to become to real. Leading me to my word of 2016..


I've always been a planner, but the follow through is where I fall short. This year, I'm using newly found focus to help me make my dreams, personal and business, come true. 

Focusing on what I can deliver for my clients. I've always strived to provide high quality images and products, but this next year I want to push that envelope so far that it bursts open! 

So while I'm sitting here in this coffee shop pondering all the ways that I can improve this year, I'm realizing that to make any of it happen I need to focus. Focus on the needs of my clients, my family, my friends, rather than the wants of myself. Because in the end, more time with my family, strengthened relationships with my friends, and a thriving business are my wants. 

I now challenge you to think of a word for your 2016. Resolutions or no resolutions, I believe that choosing an idea, thought, phrase or just a single word can completely change how you view your goals and help you pursue them with a vengeance. 

Wishing you all an incredible 2016, 

and 2017, 2018, and on.